by Fields of Locust

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released June 11, 2011

Recorded/mixed/mastered by Alx Kakaroumpas
Artwork by Ultragrim Dis-sign
Band photo by Diastro Photography




Fields of Locust Πάτρα, Greece

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Track Name: The Province of Thieves
I’m a portrait of a fool
So beautiful
Yet so empty
Yet so frail

I’m your greatest friend
I’m your worst enemy
But you will never know

I’m the sour taste on your lips
I’m the scar you never show
I’m those things you won’t let go
Those tears you won’t let flow

The reflection of all your flaws
So you can rid yourself of guilt
And find consolation
Through your very own regression

Through the one-eyed god inside your home
I will teach you how to breathe alone
All I’m throwing at you are bones
And now you’re all that you own

And you’ve lost yourself
For this is the province of thieves
Here you can experience life through the perceptions of others
Track Name: Wolves...
You ‘re running in circles
A martyr condemned to live
Within limits mundane
A fragile dominion

Afraid of your shadow
No hiding place under the sun
A cowardly man
With hands in cuffs

They ‘re aiming at you
Your mind is the target
What they fear the most
They will embrace it

They ‘ll be dressed in sheepskin
Look inside the eyes of the wolf
A modern god – a savior
Sleeves full of wonders

The ever fearful druglord
The warmonger a threat to society
They invade your home
They trap you in a box

Now they gag and rape you
Never leave the keys at the door
Now they ‘re here to protect you
The choice was yours all along
Track Name: ...Under a Hunter's Moon
No scar will ever show
No blood, no fucking bruise
Just a pale stain in your mind
Face the truth of no healing
Track Name: An Entrance into Altered Mindtrips
At first you could see the sun
smuthered in clouds,
vomiting the shapes,the shadows
with the presense of the red fire
to indicate the event.
We were silent watchers
of the event taking place
but we were astonished by the sight.

A dark hand was showing a way
as it burst out of the sun.
The way the crocodile(reptile) was about to follow.
On the other side was the jini,elder,great
while the gracefull unicorn was just emerging from the flames.
And the sun never seazed to vomit.
We could see far,at the aged walls.
From white flames were they made,
flames that indicated the borders.
But they were moving,closing in.
they were all moving,all closing in.

As time passed we could see the shapes altering.
The hand started to fade,
the crocodile shifted into a wale.
The jiny shaped into a fox staring at us
and the unicore finally became a raging bull.
The walls were still closing in as you could see
everything starting to age
and the sun never seazed to vomit.

At the time we desited to leave,
a last look at the man with wings
(who was spectating the scenery.)

On the way back at a road clothed with trees
we were drifted by the strong air
but we laughed,like children playing.

Now caged by the brick walls
we just look out of the window
sad,silent,wishing to fly away like birds...
Track Name: Momentary Lapse
I break and run - worn out, undone
A wreckage of a man - what ‘s done is done
I’m holding a gun - this is me
I’m here because of you

Your urban illusions
Your vengeful confusions
Your violent intrusions
This is you

Your laws and instructions
Your foulest attractions
Your moral subtractions
This is you
Track Name: Fog
You ‘re blind
Blinded by your fog
And you think it supports you
It seems to support you
But it will disappear
At the first strong wind